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Issues with car modding

  • Hi guys,
    I have a problem when I put some cars in the game.
    I modded a car (a porsche instead of Comet) and the game began to go in spurts. I understand that car models are with high polygons but I have a GTX1070 Asus Strix and in my opinion it's not normal only for 1 car modded. I tried with medium graphic quality but I have the same problem. What could be the problem?


  • Some cars? I thought you only put 1 car mod in your game? ....

    Anyways it's not your GPU, it never is. it's the modded file you inserted to your game. Try removing it with an original car file, (Comet) And see if you have these spurts. If so then make sure everything is back to original with your backed up files which I hope you have done. If not then You'll have to either try a different mod from a good modder or reinstall your whole game. If you do a reinstall and Assuming you have a large HDD I would copy the whole folder of GTA V to a safe place on your HDD so you have a back up.

  • Thanks for your help... I started to play with original cars and everything was good, so I putted on some cars (3/4 cars replaced - no added) in the game and I noticed this problem. I removed any car mods except Comet to see what happened (For Comet I used Porsche 911 Carrera S, downloaded from this site) and I had the same issue. So I decided to come back to the original files and check and everything was good. What I can do now is to put on another high polygons car and check what happens.
    For modding I used openIV that creates a mod folder, so it's simple moving to original version and yes, I have a back-up game in another SDD space

  • Cool so you pinned it down to one mod which is the Porsche, if you were still left with the problem then it must be that it's that mod.
    Take a look at the texture file and find out if there are any texture files that are too large in size and reduce them. Also which is a big problem with modded textures is the size values. they should double up in size like 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 512x512, or 512x1024, 256 x 512. If you see any like 287x 987 or 1024x 627 then that would cause stuttering or other issues ingame. Take them out and re size them to the closest value like the 287 x 987... That should be changed to 256x1024.

  • Hi,
    I checked the car textures and everything was good (correct texture size) so I tried the car and, I don't know why, but the game was flowing. So I played for 1 hour. After I tried to change the Franklin car with a Dodge and, after 10 minutes, the game crashed but I think that the problem was the mod because originally the Dodge was for standard Buffalo and not for the Franklin Buffalo. Today I will try to put on another car mod but I have a questions: how many cars can I put on the game before having slowdowns? Because I have to use High quality cars to prevent any problems and each car is bigger (more Mb) than a standard car and I think that this may slow down my computer.

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