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  • I'm saying, only the VALUES are the same. How can you be so sure he did it(again)? There isn't any solid proof at this moment(or I am a dumbass). And don't get me wrong, I support neither V5 or Redux, I just dont know the drama that has arised.

  • @GTAVModder4Life Im using some different files feom redux. Some have effects ive never seen before. Some textures of the water, bokeh, vehshare & fxdecals have been stolen.

    Open reduxes OIV with winzip & compare values/textures yourself. You will see

  • Check out the thread here called -Redux lies & GTA...-


    The VisualV author used some non-functional self-made values for exactly this kind of thing. These entries appeared as-is in Redux.


    Edit - It was custom weathers that gave it away.

  • You're right to question it. A lot of people tend to always jump on the bandwagon and pick sides - without knowing the full story - when drama arise.

    However, the evidence is overwhelming at this point. And, so, the drama is well justified.
    The link given by @ikt provides plenty of this, if you want to go over it yourself.

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