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[REQUEST] [MAP] [PAID] Need to port map from Source (Garry's Mod) to GTA

  • Hello, I started with porting map from GM and I gave up on one step. Finally I got collada file from blender with 1000+ materials and it's ready to export it in 3ds max, but I have bugs with textures (map is big, so it has lot of textures). When I exported the map to odr, OpenIV was showing invisible model, so I need somebody experienced to make it fully worked.

    My extra requirements are:

    • would be great, if the map were far from Los Santos, then it would not have to load and lag (im noob at modeling, I don't know if it has any sense, but correct me if I'm wrong :joy: ) like here:
    • I want to make a skybox around the map with planets, stars, darkness
    • I have removed all of the doors, gates, because they behaved like walls, so you can enter some cool, moving, space style doors, gates (or just transparent plasma gateway)

    As for payment, we will get along in a private message because I do not know exactly how much someone can ask for it.
    So if You are interested, I will send You my collada model.

    screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/OlV65ce
    tutorial I was trying to use: link

  • This post is deleted!

  • bmp

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