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How do I convert 4 placements into 1? (Menyoo Object Spooner)

  • I'm currently working on a DLC map and i'm using Menyoo's Object Spooner to spawn props, peds etc'
    Thing is, for some reason, there are limitations on how many entities I can spawn so it forced me to make separate placements for each part of the map. I want to convert all the entities into one map, how can do that?

  • The only way to achieve what you describe would be to load each of the four placements into the map and then save everything that's been loaded into a single .xml file.

    Note however that Menyoo indeed does have an object number limitation and it is there for a reason - the more objects you put, the more your game will slow down and the quality of the placements will deteriorate because the game would need to put some power into processing these entities.

    Why? I'm sure you noticed that Menyoo objects always stay exactly where you put them. They remain on the map indefinitely. Even if you are several kilometers away, your system will still keep them around and will have to process them...

    Compare that to vanilla objects - they always appear only when you are in the vicinity or in other words - only when necessary. It's the scripting and not the memory that controls them! Which is much friendlier to a system.

    Now, after this lenghty introduction, I strongly recommend you use enviro-editing software like Code Walker which is, so I heard, used specifically for editing and building complex scenes, well in excess to what Menyoo can do.

    Trust me I've been there - from time to time, I try to build walls and borders for some of the community races with spectator peds cheering around. Whenever I approach the upper limits of what Menyoo can do, I can see animations being "forgotten" by an .xml file and, even worse, other animations dropping a lot of frames, causing the peds to move in a herky-jerky manner unless I drive very close to them...

    That being said, you need something more powerful and dedicated. Not just Menyoo.

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  • @TheMurderousCricket thanks for the well-put reply, I'm using Menyoo \ map editor because it's easy and doesn't require too much effort putting it all together, in my first placement I noticed a massive fps drop after I reached the limit on the peds & vehicles so you're probably right. If you know a better tool do tell, thank you alot

    you know any tutorials regarding traffic paths & moving pedestrians? (by a route, not random wandering)

  • @vasimontana - As previously said, I believe that utilities like "YMap" and "Code Walker" might be just what you are looking for. "YMap", as the name suggests, saves all the changes in a .ymap format which you can later put in the game's files.

    Upon doing so, the changes you make should become a part of the game. You will rely on the game's "standard operating procedures", rather than your RAM, CPU or whatever that is. Think of it this way - you wanna go swimming. Would it be better to just jump right into a lake? Or to consume resources trying to build a pool in your backyard?

    As far as the traffic paths are considered, I have a vague feeling this can actually be easily done by editing .xml files, but it's been a while since I last saw them... You may also take a look at this link. This is the best evidence that it can be achieved:

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/off-road-traffic (also, note that it's been made with Codewalker)

    As far as I can tell, editors like Menyoo are unable to do anything like it. Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of WYSIWYG editors as far as GTA is concerned...

  • @TheMurderousCricket said in How do I convert 4 placements into 1? (Menyoo Object Spooner):

    the ch

    so.. basically making a ymap means I have to start over?

  • I don't think so, since it's just an .xml file. See "Ymap" in the downloads section and read the description on how it works. It will explain better.

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  • @vasimontana You can load up ymaps in CodeWalker and continue with your project there. There is a xml to ymap conversion tool on the site as well. Should not have to start over.

  • @TheMurderousCricket Alright then, best regards

  • @chonkie Tried it yesterday, I've noticed the peds are missing when you load up the game

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