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Project GTA (V) REAL

  • What is project GTA (V) REAL about?

    Project GTA (V) REAL have a "simple" goal - be the most realistic game ever. In this post I would like to share with y'all most details about this for me really exciting project and also big challenge. Why I decided to make it, what is my work in it, what it should look like, what this game would include and many more.


    This post is for sure longer than you except so I'm adding abstract to let you see what you can find out here. You can then easily skip parts which are not interesting for you. Anyway I would appreciate everyone who is interesting about all details of project and would read it all.

    1. Why I'm doing this project?
    2. What is it?
    • Graphic
    • Models
    • Textures
    • Sounds
    • AI and other
    1. Permissions
    • How I want get them?
    • What if I don't get them?
    • Why you should give me them?
    • Credits
    • Where I plan upload files?
    1. Other
    • What I did?
    • Why I will pay marketing?
    1. After release
    • Updates
    • Selfupdating
    • Special versions
    • News & reports

    Why I decided to make this alive?

    If your're interesting just how GTA (V) REAL would look and work like, but you don't care why it would be made, you should skip this part or you get really bored (:

    One day I remember how I was long, long ago adding mods to my GTA SA and later at one day I started doing the same thing with my long time don't played GTA V. When I started exploring mods and how they work or better to say how to make them work I was excited how amazing it should be to just add few files and have all best mods from hundreds modders working well and be able just enjoy them without hard work.

    After few weeks/months I saw that I'm finding solutions in solving not compatible mods pretty fast. Also, helping not only newcomers but sometimes even experienced modders or finding new solutions together in this great community GTA5-mods.

    At the same time I noticed that people are still more and more looking for keywords like realistic, real life, 4K etc. But there was a problems that I also was looking at on daily routine - mod work just for 8 of 10 coz few people don't know how to install it, have compability problems with another mods or find out the mod is not 100% what they was expecting depending on mod description.

    All of this are just few experiences of daily using and editing mods for myself. Add few personal reasons as fact that I always wanted to make anything usefull for a lot of people from all around the world or that I like finding new business/startup/innovation opportunities and Project GTA (V) REAL born in my head.

    PS: For these who heard about project earlier, you may be interesting why I was over half a year inncative. To be honest, except fact that my 5 years old PC wasn't pretty good for this work, I had problems with time and money coz of traveling a bit to change my personal life. But now, I'm ready to push myself to get the game alive in few months as soon as possible.

    What is GTA (V) REAL ?


    Everybody want first of all nice looking graphic. Did I added graphic enchancements mods as any other people did? For sure yes. You can't skip this part, but I didn't use just few graphic packs. I added also couple of mods focusing on detailed settings and textures. For example *beach dust, mud, grass, clouds, stars, water, ground, car lights, street lights, shine of ground, shine of vehicles etc. *This all makes graphic unique as much that you can even use it in VR (spoiler :P ). So it's all just about graphic? No!


    This part is not biggest surprise, but it take most of time. When you say moddng, most people imagine models. Most often vehicles models. But there is a much more like vehicles, for example players, peds, weapons, clothes, buildings or even random stuffs on the street.

    You can find pretty much amazing models but most of people use them as addon (add model in to the game as new model). Why? It's easier and most models are done as addon, so not everyone know how to use it for replace without getting your game crashing after tens or hundreds models (I was also one of these people before of course.)

    Second reason is compability. You may know this scenario - you find nice looking and fully working model, you see also in comments that is work perfect but after you put it in your game...it doesn't work coz any of yours other used mods. It most of times happend for example at peds used in scenario, emergency vehicles, bikes etc.

    Next reason I also mentioned before, it's time. Why would you care about that truck which you will never drive or that plane when you don't know fly in game good?

    But imagine (or just watch videos on youtube), that you're driving really beautifull 4K detailed, fully working Ferrari but all around are nasty lowend cars, nasty people and buildings. Not in GTA (V) REAL (:

    I'm changing let's say 90% of models with better, nicer and last but not least real brands models. You can still use your addons but you would have real looking game all around you, anywhere you look. I can say you should spend months of playing and still can find any replaced model which you didn't notice before.


    Many of you at least once found the skin for any model which you would like on another of your models, right? This happened to me also and not once or twice but such often. For example in mentioned emergency vehicles, where you find real life skin on vehicle wihch is in real life not used by that force. And then you find perfect working model but after hours of browsing you still can't find real life skin for that model. So I not only used a lot of textures for ground, vehicles or weapons, but I also made or edited some of them by myself to make sure it really fit real life.


    We have graphic, we have models and textures everywhere, what else is not as real as could be? Right, it's sounds effects. For example, you have reat looking explosion animation but you have still that creepy base sound.

    I'm changing all sound of weapons, sounds of vehicles etc. to make sure that all of them fir real sounds as much as possible (coz not for every model there is existing real life sound mod or is easy to make). There are a lot of things with sounds you may not notice while modding, for example guy playing at guitar on the street.

    Behavior, possibilities and AI

    What else can be changed or added? Sorry that I left most interesting thing for very end. What does the title of this section means? It means the thing you as player can do, must do and also other peds are doing. For example real life basic needs as refueling your car, eating, going to work or school, be able to go to the space, drink, smoke, repair your car engine, get a speed ticket, see random car accident, get your punch back from ped you just hit, be punished by gangs and much muc more. These are the mods which are like cherry on top of the cake. Thanks to these mods the game will not only look but aswell feel like real life.


    This part would be most usefull for modders with uploaded mods and admins of web. At the point I'm not creator of most of used mods, I can't upload game pack filles. Or, I can on my own webstie without asking anybody, but I'm not fing dhead to steal anyones hard work and make people hate me, * even I'm lodly saying I didn't made them and not hidding this fact from anyone. (This project may help people not make people angry and hatefull so there will be lost whole point).

    Coz of that once I finish most of the game I would need permissions of all of you modders coz without your mods I wouldn't be never able to do this project (what is reason of so often question - why it is for PC only?).

    How I would like to do it?

    I will prepare list of all used mods together with their creators nicknames on gta5-mods. 99.9% mods are from this page (reasons I'll explain later). Then I make new post where I mention everyone whos mod or mods I used with list of their mods of every modder so everyone can easily find what mods I'm asking permission from him/her.

    What if you don't give me permission?

    If I don't get permission for any used mod I simply delete it, replace it with mod from another modder who gave me permissions or replace it with original files. I will even mention mods editions which I did (most of times textures or settings change).

    PS: Many of you may like to ask what if I don't get permission for most of mods and I will be not able to upload it for other people. I'll be for sure sad but it would be not wasted time for me. I'm preparing another project based on this one, but would like to share my work with other people.

    Why should you give me permission?

    To be honest, I think this is pretty big project which would a lot people love and also speak about, at least I hope so. Anyway, if you think so or not, any free advertising of your mod is advertising for you, right? It's not possible to say people "look, there are links and tutorial (which should be a nice big book :D ) and do it yourself", coz that's what is this project about. Simple usable for anyone including a lot of youtubers all over the world. Plus, yes, I would like to spend any money on social media marketing (reason why, I want put money into it I'll wxplain later).


    Except mentioned, I"ll create credits which would be part of files in general root GTA V folder with names of all modders and their mods (also would try to add links for all of them), so everyone will know who made which mode and where they can download that specific mode. It would bemost usefull for example for youtubers to be able make credits of vehicle which they was driving in video etc.

    Where and why I would like to upload it?

    The files will be a bit bigger so they should be on any cloud as Google, but I would like to share download link only and only here on gta5-mods if admins would agree with that (also if I make supporint web for it, download link would be linked on this page!). I like this community and people here, how people helped me here at my start with modding, how are people working on finding any solutions with other modders and helping here to newcomers and in general. For that reason I would like to make trafic on this website and no one else. Plus some of modders wants their mods only on this website also and I respect decisions of other moders and really don't like to push them to give me permission to share it somewhere else.

    What I really did when I didn't create mods?

    As I mentioned more times, it's not secret that I didn't create most of used mods. But it's not only about having an idea. First step was making system in work and files. Know what I did and where I did it. What files need to be done first, even what everything have to be done. Even after longer break, I know what I did last and what I didn't finished, what means a lot of notes and well done method of work. After starting using mods there is a really much testing and backuping. Every game memory error cause a change of few files, what means I need not only delete mod which was causing error, but aswell put back backup files. In so many files, just a little mistake which normally don't affect game, can cause problem with launching a game. Changing files to make them work together or take just 20% of mod pack os use behavior from one mod and combine it with another model. Even rewriting xml files when replacing models take serious bunch of time. One wrong or missing mark can cause not only not working model but also crashing whole game. Sometimes you would be suprised how many hours or even days I spend on one little detail which was for example just one wrong line in provided xml file doing a serious big troubles. I can write for a hours about other examples what details took unexpected time to repair. Even I have everything sorted in about half way I remake whole game again to make it more stable and more simple what is really a months of work.

    Why I would like to put money on social media advertising?

    First I told to myself that I can make Instagram profile, Discord channel and ask few youtubers to support project a bit. Just to be able see smile, happines and exciting of few more people who download and enjoy it. But ** love this project** so, so much, that in that few months without PC I thought about it pretty often. I mean really crazy often. So often, that I also prepared another project based on this one which I'm sure that every GTA fan would love for sure. But that project would need pretty nice budget to make it real, and this time not only budget of time. Or , wouldn't need budget at the point that I know how to do everything what would be must done, but it would be 1-2 years to do first parts by myself and not many people would like to help on any project for free (be honest, it's everybody's own time, you have to give them something for exchange). From that reason I also prepared Patreon support and after releasing GTA (V) REAL and getting decent public reach I would share there details about that next project. At this moment I can give you just a little spoiler - if you will browse files of GTA (V) REAL pack after it's release and know pretty much about Grand Theft Auto, you may find out what I'm planning to (:

    What after release?


    For sure I'll be first of all updating this game pack version! Many of you have experiences and know that every bigger Rockstar update make your mods non working. Not only coz of ScriptHook but even coz of game version and files in x64 folders. What means I'll make update at least everytime when this happend.

    Selfupdating & customization

    I know a lot of you would use this just as a basic pack and will continue modding your own GTA version. Don't worry about updates. I notice this and I will everytime write and upload just files which was updated so you don't even need download whoole updated pack if you know basics of working with OpenIV you'll don't break your added files.

    Special event version

    If there would be enough interesting and support I have few more ideas about a lot of special "limited" versions as Christmas, Halloween and much more.

    Part of updating would be also 2 main goals which I would like to focus on and bring to this project if possible:

    1. Do my best to try make it fully compatible with story (can't promise it would work one day, but hope so)
    2. Prepare whole tutorial how to start GTA on VR and take playing of GTA on whole new level.

    News & reports

    As I mentioned I made Discord channel for this project. There you can ***report any bugs, *read all news, dicuss and make requests for next updates, see video and pictures of some people playing it and a bit more.

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