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Spawn of modified vehicle

  • Hello,

    Sorry for my English, but I'm French ...

    I would have liked to know if it was possible to make sure that the vehicle spawn already modified. (Tinted glass, modified rim, ...)

    I search on the web but, I find absolutely nothing on it.

  • @James-Booker I do know that with Simple Trainer, I can modify a vehicle, then save that layout so next time I can select that particular car and it will spawn how I modified it. I'm on my phone right now, so could not give you an example until I get home if you need it. I would bet that Menyoo has something similar if that's what you're using.

  • yes, if you do not mind to send me an example

  • @James-Booker spawn for yourself or spawning modified in the traffic? If for yourself then as @chonkie wrote

  • @chonkie said in Spawn of modified vehicle:


    What I want to do is change a vehicle.

    I created a skin for an audi RS7.

    I would like the audi RS7 to default to tinted windows. That is to say that as soon as a person spawn it has tinted windows.

  • @James-Booker Why not just give people the option to make that choice on their own. I personally don't like tint, never put it on my vehicles in the game. Why force someone to have tint if they want to use your "skin", which by the way, do you mean a livery?

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