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Tinted taillights

  • hello everyone, i was wondering if there was a mod for cars to tint headlights. I looked around but couldnt find. Any help would be appreciated. If there isn't any, is there anyone that i could possibly speak to that would be interested in making one? Thanks!

  • It's somewhat possible. Usually vehicles will use the same glass texture as the windshield for the headlights and taillights. However, vehicles are defined differently. The front windshield prevents itself from being tinted, usually. This is because it uses the glass texture, but the model is defined to use a different alpha channel as the other parts of the model that use that texture. For some vehicle mods, headlights and the front windshield may get tinted, and this is usually on accident as they didn't change the alpha channel of those on the model so that they aren't tinted.
    If you know how to use ZModeler, you can open up the model of whatever vehicle you're wanting to edit in ZModeler, and edit the alpha channel on whatever part you want to tint. There's tutorial somewhere on how to do it.

  • @mrwallace888 yea i saw on some cars when i tint windows, it tints the headlights n taillights and thought it was pretty dope. wish there was a mod for it or someoen i can pay to do it haha. thanks anyways!

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