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Social club wants to download full game.

  • I am propably dump,but when i copied my original GTA folder and instal ScripHook,Community SH, NativeTrainer,SP garage and SP bennys, i wanted to start game and it wants a 80GB update. I spend something around 2 hours of finding solutions but i am helpless.

  • @Wortek did you replace any original files without using mod folder? that should be reason coz social club everytime check if you have all files right and if any file is missing or different, it download original file again

  • @ArmaniAdnr I followed installations steps, so i replaced some files, i had to replace again with originals and all of the modded files place to mods folder?I means scripthook and native trainer, i think i replaced only dinput8.dll .

  • @Wortek i am propably dump again, i know i replaced one file but dinput8.dll is´t at clear gta folder.

  • @Wortek no dinput8 should be doing no problems with this, have to be something else, but dont have anything else on my mind what it should be. but downloading 80GB it should be anything with rpf files coz when I deleted almost all files (not folders) in main directory and it was showing download about 50/55 GB

  • all rpf files are untouched. I think its issue with launcher settings (launcher looking for bad folder where is not even gta)

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