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[MISC] GTA V: Philippine-themed mod

  • I know I'm just one person and I don't have a lot money to pay right now so this will probably never be made, but I'd be happy if someone could make a mod for GTA V on PC that replaces some vehicles, character models, environmental textures or map models with Philippine/Filipino ones. Also, I actually already made a post about this a long time ago but I can't find it so I think it's gone. Below is a list of the possible types of mods I've thought of.


    • Passenger vehicles: "jeepneys" and buses (already made), tricycles (rickshaw-like commercial trikes)
    • Police vehicles: jeeps (replace Cruiser/Interceptor), sedans, SUVs (Granger), pickups, vans (Transporter), armored trucks (Riot), bikes, helicopters (Maverick), boats (Predator), etc.. Link to Philippine National Police and Special Action Force equipment

    Character Models or Outfits for NPC Factions

    • Philippine National Police (replaces LSPD)
    • Filipino-style private security (Gruppe 6)
    • "Barangay tanods", a.k.a. rural/town police (Blaine County sheriffs)
    • PNP's Special Action Force (NOoSE/SWAT)
    • Philippine Coast Guard / PNP Maritime Group (US Coast Guard)
    • Philippine military/army (Fort Zancudo soldiers)

    Environmental Textures and 3D Map Models

    • Ads, billboards, posters, etc.
    • Businesses like malls (SM Supermall), stores, shops, restaurants (Jolibee), etc.

    If you're Filipino like me then you probably (or definitely) know what things in this country look like. If you're not, you can Google how things in the Philippines look like. Thanks for reading this! Salamat po!

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