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  • I want to strip out all the files that change the graphics add textures and effects like the 4K textures. water and lighting.
    Just leaving the physics. cops enhancements and other stuff.
    So please chime in if anyone can help!
    To me the visuals in redux don't look that great and they kill my FPS. So i want to use visualv instead.

  • Well, the update folder, common.rpf & maybe x64e are all you really want.
    Everything else is textures im pretty sure.

    If thays the route you wanna go down, install Visual. Then open Redux with winzip & just drag/drop the files you want into there location using the content.xml.

    Redux X64i folder is really nice I must say. Its most of the vegetation throughout the map. Some of it was stolen from CRYHD's mod LA Vegetation but redux has a little more hi-res/different files. Check it out.

  • @Weirdoutworld So just drag and drop update, common. rpf and x64e?
    what about lighting and his extra trash effects and stuff? they are not contained in any of those?

  • @Silentghost You have to open/extract the redux OIV with winzip, then you will be able to see the redux files individually. Open the content.xml thats inside the extracted Redux folder to figure out where each file is supposed to go. Open your mods folder with openIV & using the content.xml trace the directory of each file.

    Files that go into the update.rpf over ride there common.rpf counterpart. So the weather.xml in update.rpf will be used. Weather.xml in common.rpf will be overridden.

    Hope this helps.

    You should probably wait untill after tomorrow to do all of this. The biker update will force us ALL to make a new update.rpf.

  • @Weirdoutworld would it not be possible for me to enter the redux oiv and delete all the files i dont need?
    Then just install normally using the redux oiv?

  • @Silentghost If you deleted some files you would have to take there data out of the content.xml & then re-package the new folder as an OIV in order to use it. The winzip extract is a copy.

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