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anyone about launcher.log file logs ? im getting errors

  • hi im getting errors and crashes ever since the update and it driving me nutzzzz... i looked on the log file and its saying device lost n shit giving me a cffffffffff etc codes and what not lol plzz help

  • @chonkie so do u know anything about that file........ I know what ur tryna say but im not posting 'GTA5 IS CRASHING" cause that's like every other post

  • @brodie420 Sorry, no I don't know what the error code means when it says, "device lost n shit", I have yet to experience that one. I don't know if you do know what I was trying to say. I posted that link in hopes you would read it and then your next post would have contained more info, so maybe it would be easier for people to help you. Like maybe post that error log (read #4 of that link), I really don't know what half the stuff means but someone here will. I've run into quite a few error codes, I've had success googling them and finding answers.

    edit. If you google "error code device lost n shit", it will give you quite a few promising looking results. I just did and it might be your hard drive isn't being recognized for some reason.

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