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Car goes through stuff... need help

  • Hey!

    So I've finally got my GTA IV conversion done right, and now the car is in GTAV, but one thing i have noticed it that it goes through trees, road baricades, and even through the ground if i tilt the front down on landing when i make a jump. Is there a way to fix this?

  • @zentrox_ Sounds like your vehicle collisions group did not export correctly from ZM. If you import your vehicle back to ZM and select COL only, does your col file appear? You should have chassis [COL] at the bottom of your hierarchy and it will most likely be a 'group' depending on your models shape. Make sure you have centered the chassis collision parts to the parent, then regroup and set compound back to col. I think base value handling has change in a recent ZM update so you may want to also delete your base value before you export. But Im not sure on that part.

  • @Foxunitone is there a way that we can chat on Discord? My name is: Z E N T R O X#2801

  • @zentrox_ I joined one of the discords here not long ago... Honestly the first I have used, So I will try to help yar but Im not sure how to DM on there. Which discord are you in and I will try to help you there.

  • @Foxunitone atm im in McGinlay Cutoms, but if u send me ur username i can dm u ^^

  • @zentrox_ Kitsune269 is my discord name.

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