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Unable to replace Stromberg without crashing

  • Hey guys, i'm having some trouble replacing the Stromberg and I can find any info of anyone else having this problem. I'm hoping someone might have some insight into what's causing my problem and possibly even know a fix.

    Essentially i'm trying to replace every vehicle in the game, which of course includes the problematic Stromberg. So far I've successfully replaced all Coupes, Compacts, Muscles, Sedans, Sports, Super and SUVs (only the models and textures so far, gonna start data when i know if my PC/GTA can handle all the mods). The only Sports Classic left is the Stromberg. So mods in general are fine and working.

    Everything I've done thus far works no problem, except the Stromberg. Every time i try to replace it's model and textures it crashes my game when i spawn it. I suspect it might be related to the submarine mode as that's the only thing i can think of that's unique to the Stromberg, maybe it transforming is a issue? But then I was able to replace the Deluxo with no trouble and that also transforms, just not into a submarine.

    I had hoped that replacing the Stromberg's data might rid it of submarine mode, but replacing the handling and .meta data didn't fix the problem. I've since removed the mod's model and textures to allow the Stromberg to use its original model and textures and it now works fine, but is still with the mods data. So fortunately the new data isn't an issue, it does seem to only be the model.

    So does anyone know what the deal is? Is submarine mode the issue or something else? If it is, can i get rid of submarine mode and how?

    Thanks in advance guys, any help is appreciated!

  • @JLW98 Uhm....you do know the stromberg is a DLC vehicle, and thus does not spawn in SP?

  • @eshenk Yeah i know, i'd still like to replace it since i can spawn it though. If i can't figure it out and no one has any ideas (seems to be the case so far), i'll just ignore it since it doesn't really effect anything in the large scheme of things.

    Plus at this point i kinda wanna know why the Stromberg is the only car i cant replace regardless, like, what causes it? I'm too curious for my own good, no doubt it'll just result in me causing myself more crashes but hey, not like it'd be the first time.

  • @JLW98 Please link me the vehicle you are trying to replace the stromberg with, and I will help you set it up so that the game doesn't crash.

  • @eshenk I'm currently trying to replace the Stromberg with [YCA]Peas' Eagle Speedster (i tried adding a link but was being flagged as spam). I've opened up the .rpf to get everything i'd need (.yft/.ytd/handling.meta/vehicles.meta etc) to replace a car. To check that the mod isn't the issue i've also installed the mod over the Savestra. I installed everything for both cars and the Savestra has been successfully replaced and works fine, but the Stromberg still crashes every time i spawn it. If you have any luck figuring out the issue i'd appreciate the help!

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