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[VEHICLE] [RELEASED] Leopard 2 A7+ 140 German Main Battle Tank

  • Germany has Made many Advanced and Improved variants of Leopard 2. but the latest and most Cutting Edge of all is Called Leo 2 A7 140 (plus). Hence I am working on Bringing it into GTA 5.here are some pictures & a Video of the model i am going to use.
    Boy i used to play this game Alot~ i miss playing it.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • What I don't understand is... The german Leo 2A7 doesn't even look like that, yet it has this appearance in MW3, ArmA 3, Armored Warfare... The real Leo 2A7 (externally) looks pretty much like the 2A6. These models look like Leo 2A4s With extra armor packages. This is not really related to your mod, I have just been wondering for a while xD
    Btw, do you rip these models yourself or download them somewhere?

  • Yeah, the side plates don't cover that much of the wheels. Like Skyline said the exterior is pretty much the Leo2A6 but with a FLW 200 Remote Weapon Station on top.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I also plan to make the tanks version Leopard 1A5 and Leopard 1A1 of the Brazilian army. I'll see if is to add skins in the tank

  • @SkylineGTRFreak there has been a lot of confusion over the years regarding the 2A7 series....there was for example the Leopard 2A6 PSO ( Peace Support Operations) variant, which was also falsely refered to as the Leopard 2A7+...but I can assure you that these models shown are not the 2A4 variant...these are modifications from the 2A6 versions, which are the basics for future 2A7 Versions...;)
    But there will be the Leopard 3 in the future, so I guess KMW wont make further developments on the 2A7s...

  • @Red_Eagle Well, the Leo 2 Revolution (which is based on the 2A4) does have some similiraties concerning the external armor package:

    I also believe Singapor or someone else upgraded their Leos with a front armor like that and cage armor in the rear. And the Leo 3 will flop, I can already see that. Why do we have to make a collab with the french yet again? D:

    Edit: I am not saying the french make bad stuff, their Rafale for example is awesome. But collabs like the A400M or Tiger are just a waste of money



    Lovely!!!! Thank you man! Just awesome :)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Ah ja, der gute Leo Revolution...XD
    Exactly, this one is based on the 2A4...( and thank god they didnt build it )
    Yup, it does have some simililarities concerning the armor...but if you look closely you can see that the drivers-hatch ( Fahrerluke) is based on the 2A6, becuase it slides sideways open....the 2A4 has some sort of "swing-roof", it opens at 180°...;)

    I totally agree, the Leo3 will be a huge dissapointment..lets see if I will have the opportunity to work with one of those....automatic reloading is only one thing I can not agree with...
    Oh man...KMW and Rheinmetall made such good work in the past...and now...meh
    ( You forgot Eurofighter and Boxer...also an example for bad partnership)

  • @Red_Eagle I agree that our own stuff was mostly the best decision but the Eurofighter is an awesome fighter, I can't agree with you on that point :P The Boxer isn't bad either.

    But we'll see, maybe the Leo 3 will be such a great success like the Leo 2.

  • @Oskar No it wont....I'm 100% sure about that...

  • @Red_Eagle well, to be honest I'm only familiar with the 2A5 and 2A6, I just find it odd that every game representation of the 2A7 looks like that. Hm.

    I'm kinda happy we recently opted to buy the C-130J Super Hercules to supplement the A400M. I just wish we would've gotten Apache and Black Hawk instead of Tiger and NH-90 (So many people in the Bundeswehr wanted them and then politics stepped in. Smh... the tanks were our last strong point, but even those will probably suffer now :( )

  • @SkylineGTRFreak no worries, I worked with 2A4s and 2A5s and there you learn such stuff...:D
    Somehow I find it kinda sad that NOW we have to rely on other nations vehicles because we are not able to build something good again...like you said A400 and NH90/MH90.....lets hope that works with the C130J...(deja vu: Sea Lynx)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak sorry for the late reply. and yes, i did see the actual leopard a7 on trials last year in Saudi Arabia. they looked not much different than, A6 externally. anyways. this model is from Armored warfare and they show this to be a future upgrade to leo 2 a7 and called it leo 2 a7 140. i liked the look so ., i opted to bring it to gta 5. and i ripped pl-01 and leopard 2a7 myself. :)
    i like leo 2 revolution alot. if i can find model....

  • [Released] V1.0

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Oskar @SkylineGTRFreak How do you feel? are these Camoz some what Acceptable? German i mean. for leopard 2a7 Tank.

    Video: latest update v1.1 (see change log Below)

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Change log v1.1

    . Fixed Gun always facing the sky (Upwards) Now it Faces Forwards.
    . Introduced New Weapons. way More Range and better Aiming.
    . Updated Tracks. Now Tracks React to the terrian. they are not static or fake anymore.
    . Camera View Fixes implimented.
    . Swaying Antennas, which move with vehicle's Changing momentum.
    . Fixed paint Material and Specmap Bugs.
    . Included Custom made 4 New Liveries.
    . Fixed Night time Lights and Coronas.

  • I feel like it's... A bit too much camo. IDK how to explain hahaha

  • @SkylineGTRFreak lol. yea. i know :P you will know when you inspect it closer. its just camo nothing else :) i'll send you the file to make a camo if you can. the original German, like the one you made for Leo2a6

  • @FoxtrotDelta okay, maybe I can achieve something ;) But I like your New ones nevertheless :D

  • @FoxtrotDelta well I gotta say, the Woodland Camo could use a bit less "Colors" if you know what I mean..;)
    Try to stick with dark green as the basic color, black and light brown as a secondary pattern...oh yeah reduce the saturation a little..;)
    the pattern by the way looks very good so far....
    I also like the Idea of the actual "snow leopard"...we actually dont use it like that, but the idea and style behind it is really good...:D
    And last, instead of using the german flag, we have the Black Cross (Schwarzes Kreuz in german) on the side of the turret....
    You're getting the pal...:D

    (PS: Why is everyone using the 2./33 Tankbataillon? XD )

  • @Red_Eagle i followed Armored warfare, design , they Show Flags on their tanks over there. but yea.i guess to make it realistic i'll put the cross on the turret too. others well. in next update i think. Thanks for the idea. skyline might help me out with a realistic camo here. too.

  • @FoxtrotDelta ah okay, so I guess you are trying to create them in Armored Warfare AND Realistic style at the same time....I thought you wanted to make them 100% like we use them...good idea
    If you put the flags on the side, then try to make them a bit less colorful, dirty and scratched...what purpose has a good camo, when you see a colorful flag from miles away, right? XD

    maybe @SkylineGTRFreak lets you use his texture from his Leopard 2, that was a very well made and authentic design ( even though he was complaning it would be too bright, but they were 99% just right...:p)

  • @Red_Eagle I had the feeling that the First version of my Leo 2A6 didn't really represent the real thing though New version looks better :D Anyway, @FoxtrotDelta gave me blank textures to work with ;)

  • @Red_Eagle yea, Skyline's new texture would cover the realism part. but yes may be i shall remove the flags and Put German cross on my camos and take your advice on those saturations too.

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