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[VEHICLE] [WIP] Audi 100 Coupé S (1969 - 1976)

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    Yes, I am not satisfied with front look of the car. On sketchup model it is much more Audi. Whole sketchup model is much closer to original look. But, model1, I worked on, is much higher quality as a 3d model. Next days I will spend time to find optimal combination of those two...


  • @NajPotez The reason why the sketchup model looks so edgy at first is, because they pretty always need to be welded on all vertices and get smoothing. You can simply use the front bumper front bumper, audi logo from the grill, the headlights and windshield wipers. And attach them to your body. Or you simply remove the whole interior from the sketch up model and bring it over to your existing convert, and cover the old chassis with it, and delete the old one. The models of the window of your convert can be there, because the mesh looks better on your model compared to the sketchup model windows. With windows i mean only the glass itself, not the chrome trims or something.
    Don't forget that new models need a redoing of vertex painting (like burn area, deformation area) and dirt mapping on UV channel 2.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman The models are very different and difficult to combine. The sketchup shape of the model is better and I will try to use it for external parts.The problem with the sketchup model, as I see it, is that each polygon is a separate part (you can not select more but one polygon by "select separate") What I am doing now is to disassemble and re-create body parts on it...


  • @NajPotez Well the selection problem is most time caused by splittet vertices (welding needed) But if you remodel it, great. You will learn.

  • Just use multiple welding, it's done in 5 minutes tops.

  • @GreenAid Thanks for tip. .. I'm not very familiar with welding. I sow the option in verices mod; right click, edit,weld... but it did not change anything ( I probably did not do it right) ... But no problem ...
    I enjoy recreating it... i looks better and better :)

  • I thought I would just modify model I started with.. but God had another plan, and wants me to make another car :) ... I hope I will test it in-game soon...BTW, I know how to weld now:)
    new car

  • The pictures finally loaded. This is such an amazing worked car! Also in the game, if you want the car to look better, add a front plate atleast at extra. Trust me, even tho it's optional in the US it will improve the look of the car.

  • @NajPotez Man great work! Thats a whole new level. That looks really good! What texture did you used on the fron grill? Just asking because was it provided with the model or something?

    There are awesome texture packs on gamemodels.ru you can may use for some stuff. They all provide pretty nice ready to use normal and specular maps. Just look for Forza texture packs.

    Anyway that model looks pretty HQ. R* level!
    I hope you already found out how to make dirt mapping.

    btw. your material uses these spec silver specular texture right? Well it makes your car look metallic with flip flop/sparkling effect. If you want to have it like original, you can also use the smallspec white texture. Because that silver spec metallic painting wasn't really usal in the 70's. Real shiny metallic painting came in the late 90's.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    "vehicle_generic_mesh4" is texture for the grill. It is used for vanilla cars, yo can find it in many original .ytd files. I just changed lightness a little bit, and made normal and spec map myself. I have used it before... you can find it in .ytd of my Alfa Romeo Giulia Super. And yes you are right, I used "Alloy silver " texture instead of white spec map. I wanted to try it because I have good chance for mapping after I
    disassembled car. It is easy to change it with white one , ...just I would regret time spent on mapping:)
    Dirt I did:
    for glass, too. I have some more things to do, and of course, i have to finally try to add towing hook:) I hope I will find enaugh time to finish it and publish it in next 7 days:)

  • @NajPotez Nice you are pretty getting forward. The last time i saw ur stuff, you wasn't able to do that kind of things. Nice. Keep it up!

    You become an important part of this community if you keep it up.

  • @Lil-Slim-C Thank You. I will add plates, of course, but it is usually last ( not the least) thing I do... car is not ready for registration yet :)

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman I tested towing hook, you are right, it is easy. I maybe need some adjustment
    (it should be somewhat higher), but ... even the smallest trailer looks too big for this car. Not sure is it good idea ... maybe if you have some smaller Add-On trailers.


  • @NajPotez Well yea it doesn't fit to all trailers. But like u said, with addon trailers. And i have some but other people too. Look what trailer mods people did. I know there is a flat car carrier trailer mod here. Or something simular.

    btw. looks very nice. Can't wait for release

  • hello nice work that's pretty cool! i was wondering if you could make it the same but as an obey, maybe a drafter classic or so!!

  • @Y-NiNStaR Thanks. I guess I could. But time is the problem. I just have no enough time to fulfill my own list. I started this car month ago and still working on it... and, believe me, there is a lot of cars of this age waiting for me ... :)

  • @NajPotez We all modders know this problem. Its pretty sad if you would see what i am hiding because its not finished or started.

  • @zimonmiller I am working on some mods... this is for replace version for "Blista2", but I will include some for Add-On too. It will give some "S/GT" look to the car :)
    blista2 mods

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    This is the hardest phase. Finishing. You want to do it as soon as possible, and at the same time you are afraid that something will be bad after so many changes. And besides, you're already thinking about the next project ...

  • @NajPotez Well when u have enough expericence you won't be afraid that something will be bad. For my feeling its every time "I want to have this nice, and yea i can also this to make it much nicer, but this other project would be also amazing, but i need to finish this one before i start the next one. Shit, if could do this as a main job... i want it all"

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Du hast recht. Ich konzentriere mich auf Audi, höre dieses Lied ... Ich versuche nicht an NSU zu denken ... aber sie verflechten sich :))))

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman But I am going to finish this one, as I have done before... but wouldn't you ![alt text](image url)be thinking about next..?
    alt text

  • @NajPotez thinking about the next can demotivate very much for the current project. Es ist die Disziplin!

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman So ist ...mein Papaschlumpf.. I mean... StrumpfBauFuerer ... ;)

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