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Zmodeler 3: How to load into a YTD

  • Hi,
    So I've converted a model to ZModeler3 and the .yft files, but I don't know how to load the textures into the .ytd as when i load them in my vehicle still looks plain and has no colour or logo(bmw) etc. Any help is much appreciated.

  • When you import a model (yft, ydd or ydr) before importing, in the windows dialog, bellow you have an option to select wich ytd you want to use. There I recommend you to select the model's ytd and the vehshare.ytd. If you do it like this you shouldn't have problems with textures. Ensure all the textures are in the ytd and the ytd's textures name and the zmodeler's materials texture's name is the same.

  • @Ben79G If you literally mean you just need to create the YTD file do this:

    copy any YTD from any vehicle to your desktop. Change its name to whatever your vehicle is and drop it back into openIV where the model will be kept. Then under edit mode, open the new YTD. Delete everything but 1 texture. Then select import and find the textures that go with your model and import them as DXT5. That is best setting usually for color accuracy. Then delete the last texture from the old model and save the YTD.

    Im sure you already now that, but JUST in case this was what you meant lol.

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