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Interior tag ...

  • Really not trying to be an a$$, but don't know how else to address this. I'm tired of always being disappointed, and I know I'm not alone in this. 99.9% of the things with this tag are not interiors. Quit using the Interior tag if what you made is not a mlo interior. That's the only way to make an actual interior in this game. I really like the designs that many people come up with, but have yet to actually keep anything because of all the issue that come with the various different ways people try to make an "interior". Who here likes rain "inside" all over their stuff while playing the game? Not me, probably others as well.
    Also, quit using, or trying to use, outdated stuff that half the people can't get to work, like Map Editor. Who wants to have to switch to an old nativeui just to get one thing to maybe work? Just quit using it, there's a better option out there like CodeWalker. Who here likes missing props? Who here likes having to try to download multiple different prop lists or whatever to get everything to spawn? Who likes using teleports instead of just walking through a door like normal?

    I just ask people try to evolve their modding and not just get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over with no improvement. If not, then at least use the correct tags.

  • You just now noticed this, LOL. Seriously though, the community - as a whole - seems stuck in the bronze age where it applies with advancing over time. In the "underground" scene, quite a BIG many, have made countless real MLOs, but MOST never see the light of day here on the mods site, but rather kept to themselves, or are made for profit, or made strictly for those stupid RP FiveReborn servers. Aside from all this, map editor was adequate for it's time, but once ymaps became a thing, map editor should have been properly disposed of....peds can be added into these interiors with scenario ped editing using Code Walker, so it's really inexcusable. *end rant


    Same story with the Map Model tag

    It gets more abused then my d0g

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