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Map Lagging while moving mouse

  • Hey guys, some times when i playing gta5, i found there is a little map lag while i moving my mouse, would anyone give me any idea of how to fix it?
    and here is the video

    thank you

  • Im not a expert or anything but possibly your distance scaling?

  • @zyankenta Slow loading maps, if not caused by your PC doing something odd, is usually from things like mapeditor and/or spooner having a too many things loading with your game. Sometimes it is also too many hight poly models. IF you have a lot of map addons that load through spooner or map editor try removing a few of them and try again. I once had too many high poly planes that was spawned at the desert airstrip. But my downtown LS would load slow or stay in LOD until I started converting everything to Ymap or removing it.

  • @Foxunitone Thank you and
    yes! I kinda figure out, if i remove those rpf(for example x64i.rpf) for the trees or someting, it will help a lot, but meanwhile, i m gonna lose those three textures, so may i ask is there any tree texture mod tht wont influence the map loading?

  • @zyankenta I think there was a beta trees mod or something like that. I used it before and it seemed to work fine with LA billboards and a few others.

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