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New To Modding and Looking for Assistance

  • Hi people,

    So I've been trying to start modding GTA V, and I'm trying to be very careful to follow online tutorials exactly to ensure that I've installed the correct files (Such as OpenIV, ScriptHookV, ScriptHookV .NET, Microsoft .NET, Visual C++, and Enhanced Native Trainer) before attempting to add any mods.

    I got to the point where I just wanted to add a very Popular, highly-reviewed BMW i8 Add-On to trial adding a mod for the very first time to see if I'd done it right.

    Unfortunately the ReadMe files are all appearing as incomprehensible gibberish (Example, it starts like this and is the same throughout with no clear instructions.
    "Rar! ϐs
    lœt /  C fWYçC¥tH3
    Readme.txt ðÕ‹N
    ÙÌÌý{Zðsg xÈŒrY+; vX$ Vã¶
    è ´ŠlØQ
    ¤Sqûݸh”´¥ —ŒáDbò<HY¿Î,Ý;㛺7náÓ¤~>ðLéÅÃk_¨ž·êôô&ÕM&DËû˜Ð8úb¡o@e Ø.t£9dS·^¿z„Ø„_(øÇ=¿ÕQh°@.’èRD^ò!6Q8ÎbÊ%$Vœás—ßm°žDª!κet[œã´í/G¤SVK)=DHÚÍöwùŠYØ°Ô=Ù€\X÷g‰Þ©YgÎ2¡ìB/j™3êòªöxtä‘ÃŒȪÿ}’pïœÒ©ÎØŽÀ»¢¢‚i Z£#©  ÊßÚ¶´̵N…*ãÔt\Á c²Vjkxî°è¼α²Ò¼L$açÖk7
    Ç«ÅqåR¹Ëc³Dr"΢´Ñ¿") [You get the idea]

    I have no idea what's caused it or how to resolve it. Originally I had Daemon Tools Lite basically trying to command the files but I uninstalled it because it keeps asking me to buy a license and I don't want it. Not sure if this is related.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem or able to offer any guidance?

    Thank you so much!!!

  • @StPaddy91 This is most likely a unicode error cause by your notepad not having support fot the language of the file. It could be for example in a Chinese language and your text viewer does not support that language pack. Often times the structure for add-on cars is about the same. Look through some others that you can read, and compare them to the ones you cannot. If they have similar file structures you can probably take a shot at figuring out what to do. Good luck though.

  • Wow you was no help to this guy^

    Basically all you gotta do to install a vehicle mod is go to, in OpenIV, your mods folder if you have one, and then go to update, update.rpf, common, data, dlclist.xml

    Scroll down to the bottom and select one of the indivdual path lines. It looks like this


    And add paste a new line with the path being the name of the addon folder. For example:

    	<Item>dlcpacks:/I like big butts and I can not lie/</Item>

    Then save that file. Then navigate back to mods/update/ and this time open x64 then dlcpacks, inside there, drop the addon folder. Job done!

    Let us know how it goes! Best care model to ever be made for this game is the MWB124 by @SparK_v

    Check out my driving script

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