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unsolvebole problem

  • after the latest dlc update from rockstar i see that my game wont start because it says SCRIPT HOOK V critical error. the file version of scripthookv is 1.0.1604.1 that is the version gta 5 support but when i try to start it it wont start is says the same damn thing. they gave me a list with supported versions and the latest supported version is 1.0.1604.1 the one i have. does anybody have this too

  • Exact same problem. It's most likely that ScriptHook hasn't updated to this latest version of GTAV.
    Anyways, I'm annoyed too because I wanted to play some GTAV StoryMode (Modded) -_-

  • Don't worry, there will surely be an update in a short period of time /a week/ :)
    Just wait, your patience will be worth it!

  • I tried re downloading gta from the social club but its the updated version, I thought it would be, but tried anyway. Bit annoying as I don't want to play gta online on the pc, I play it on the PS4 as that's where I started so it's a high level account where I have completed everything, don't want to go through all of that again on the pc. I only really bought the pc to play modded gta storymode :(

  • I've tried going back a version but still doesn't work. The game just crashes when starting up a new game.
    This version is my only hope (mostly) and I think we just have to wait for an update for ScriptHookV. The last update was back in February- makes you wonder how long it will take for ScriptHookV to be updated. Anyone know?

  • well was feb the last time rockstar released an update? The new ScripthookV is probably already underway, just wish I knew about disconnecting the internet this morning before it forced the patch.

  • Does anybody ever look at the FAQ on this site? Tons of info on how to play an older version while waiting for ScriptHookV to update. Did any of yall save a copy of your update.rpf before Rockstar update gta5? If not, then learn your lesson now.

  • only had my gaming pc and gta for about 4 days, so I'm new to this.

  • @sparkysx it's ok to ask, we are glad when we can help but he created topic which was there XY times, you should first use search option on site please before you ask anything. Many people may had same problem and there may be solution for that it topics. It's a bit annoyin' when people are lazy and we have to repeat the same thing every week or day, nam sayin' (:

  • well I can't find the faq regarding this, I'll just wait for the update.

  • I did actually manage to revert tothe pre update version last night but still couldn't get it to load into gta without updating, bit daft that I can't play it in story mode when offline, I can on the ps4, wish I had bought it hrough steam now rather than the social club as it sems people are able to work around issues easier.

  • @sparkysx Ok so the reason why is because you are using a downgraded script hook v To stop it from crashing delete ALL of your mods in order to lay again you will have to wait a week in order for them to be able to update again so you will have to play single player modless

  • I have a fresh copy installed now but I won't be playing again until its updated, no problem with waiting and appreciate the work that the people who make this possible do.

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