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Need help to create interiors with 3ds max

  • I'm new to this thing, I would like to create my interiors with 3ds max, I saw a tutorial on YouTube from "DEKURWINATOR" but honestly I didn't understand much, does anyone know any other tutorials or can somehow teach me? thank you

  • @DragonOP Those are the tutorials I used to get started making mlo interiors. Begin with his first one where he shows you how to place an already existing interior where you want. That is a good starting point to get your feet wet. Then I just followed along his other tutorials while making mine to get it done. There was a lot of pausing, going back to see what he's clicking on. It won't happen in a day, they aren't easy like just placing some props.

  • @chonkie thank you, i'll try :)

  • @chonkie can I ask you a question? I modified the collision file and the entity file, as the tutorial says, but how can I upload these files to gta now?

    these are the file that i have:
    alt text

    • (folder) sm_16_smbuild2
    • hi@sm_16_0.obn
    • sm_16_smbuild2.odr
    • sm_16_0.obn

  • @DragonOP. That wasn't covered in the tutorial? Drag and drop the odr and obn to the appropriate place in OpenIV.

    Don't worry about that folder, that's the texture stuff and other info for the odr, it gets transferred over when you drag and drop the file it belongs to.

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