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I am making this post with my own experience with the new update and script hook v with no backup of game.

  • Hello fellow modders yesterday my script hook stopped working. I was scourging about trying to install older versions and what not to get it working while we wait for it to be updated. I seen a lot about to use command console and steam website to find the numbers ect. A big old headache. This is what i did to make it work. Me being dumb and not having space I didn't have aback up. so what i tried and it worked is I downloaded GTAV fresh. But in steam under GTA V properties, I unchecked the DLC option, which is the new download for the online DLC. And then went about installing script open iv and my mods like normal game is running fine no crash with script v error. I am no expert on mods and font know exactly why this worked I didn't do anything special just started the download fresh and then while downloading in my library I right clicked-->went to properties -->went to the add on tab --> unchecked the DLC. Then i am running in offline mode to not let any updates install. don't forget that!! OFFLINE MODE ONLY

  • my copy came from social club, so no go :(

  • Ciao raga anche io stesso problema ma il gioco e installato dal social club quindi aspetto aggiornamento scripthookv.

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