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How do I downgrade this piece of sh*t?

  • The choice of words might be mean but I'm so mad right now. I hate GTA V updates. Every single time they release one I feel anger, hatred and disgust. Why must I suffer - I'm sorry - why must we suffer like this? Why can't GTA V updates be completely avoided? Most of these dumb updates don't affect singleplayer at all or when they do it just gets worse. No goddamn point at all (Okay, okay maybe to you it matters because you can rip MP features and implement them into SP... if that is what you like... but as for me, uh..shit)

    There must be a way to avoid these punk ass updates, please someone. How do I downgrade my game and how do I prevent my game from updating in future? (The "Launcher Bypass" thingy crashes the game quite frequently so that is not a good solution)

    Please someone help me with this. Now we're gonna have to wait for the next ScriptHookV update after this casino update. Who know how long it'll take? GTA V SP is literally the only game I ever play and I use a handful of mods, a few scripts here, a few scripts there, you know how it is. A small little trainer...to turn off cops while I'm free roaming because cops in this game are total C word. And no I won't keep typing the cheat code "lawyerup" all the time. At a five star wanted level I'd have to type it 5 times. You can't type it in the pause menu which means I'll have to look for cover before I type it...which means I'll probably just die. No point.

    Okay that was off the topic! Sorry...so could anyone help me out with this thing?


    make a copy of your .exe's,installers folder, update folder, and steam_api6f(if your on steam) before an update

    let the game update and once it has, copy those files back into your root gta folder and boom

  • @Reacon I use the rockstar social club edition. I do not have steam. Also I did not make any backups.


    @Tengerecki Then i don't think you can revert im afraid

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