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Car modding

  • How do I create a car mod from scratch I really want to make car mods help me

  • @Torreto612 Try to get a copy of 3DS Max 2009 - 2016. Anything newer will not work with some of the tools you will need. You can find a ton of youtube videos showing how to build and texture models in Max. Next you would need Zmodeler3. You would import your model created in Max to Zmodeler3. This is when you would set your materials and apply them and setup your model dummies and animations. There are some tutorials available on the Zmodeler website to help with that as well as a forum where other more experienced modelers can assist you. I would also suggest checking the 5mods discord for more information and modeler support.

  • @Foxunitone it is work with blender instead of 3dmax I know blender well if yes then which file type should be it

  • @Torreto612 You can use Blinder to make the models yes. It does not matter what program makes the models. So go with what makes you comfortable. But you will need Zmodeler3 to actually setup the vehicle dummies and get it exported as a YFT. Whatever program you use, just export as .Obj (my method, some like .3DS). Then import the .Obj into Zmodeler and do your vehicle setup in there.

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