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New Game with not updated game?

  • Can anyone who is using not updated version at this time, try for me to start New Game? Coz I get some error that could not5 detect anything, but I clicked on it before I read and safe it and now it's not showing, just closing my game. I think that may be writting that game version can not be detected but I'm not sure. So I would like to find out if problem is not updated game or any of my used mods. Thanks in advance :pray_tone3:

  • @ArmaniAdnr I thought some users are reporting like that crashing the game i think because of new online DLC update whenever the game is updated (ONLINE DLCs) so the Script Hook also must have to update, so actually i cannot play GTA V ONLINE because of CRACKED version :( DAMMIT...

    Anyways i thought that the CASINO UPDATE that makes game crashes i mean only if the script hook does not updated. so i am just suggesting to check this thread and i don't even know if it helps.

  • @Venkey but I have original version, I just turn off internet everytime before I start game to don't get game updated till SH update

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