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Particles restrictions ?

  • Hello, I heard there are restrictions for some particles like they're usable only in some places or with some conditions...
    If i'm not wrong where can i find these restrictions ? :innocent:
    Also i have exactly the same question about the animations :relieved:

    Thx ^^

  • Something I might know about.

    Let me know some more details about exactly what you want to achieve.


  • Tbh it's more like general curiosity than a specific request :thinking:

    But if you want an exemple, i tried to use the particle effect ent_amb_butterflys_swarm but it didn't work, when i asked, a guy told me about these restrictions, sadly i lost my pc this day so i couldn't try or ask more lol, now i'm back trying to understand ^^

  • That is precisely something a know quite a lot about.

    Let's take this to discord instead :)

    Discordname : Jevi/20sixy19

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