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Seeking information regarding addon creation

  • Not exactly new to the website nor really modding in general, do know my way around a bit, but I do have a question that perhaps someone with experience could elaborate on.

    I'm attempting to to create addons, not car addons, not textures, but actual new clothes/hair models as an addon and not a replace, is this possible? And if yes, has anyone ever tried it, what exactly is the process behind it.. when it comes to setting up the content.xml for example, do the paths inside also matter, do I need some sort of edits done to a .meta file..

    If anyone could shine some light on the subject, would really appreciate it as currently trying to work on a project.

  • From what I can take from older clothing add on threads you need to go into the YTD and make additional hashes for the drawables and their textures.

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