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game stuck in suspending.

  • i am running the new version gta and just installed alex's new shv update, but when i start gta, the launcher would do its thing and then the game just never opens. i check in task manager and i find the app under services, i noticed that it keeps saying running then suspending, running then suspending stuck in a loop. anyone else having this problem and know a fix?

    update: i tried doing alot of ways to fix it like replacing the dlcxml, but that wasnt it. however, during the making of this message i removed the scripthooks and the game opened. i had community scripthook and alex's scripthook installed. does the community script hook need to be updated?

    update 2: the game works until you load singleplayer mode.
    i have menyoo, both SHV, addon peds, and a bunch of peds and vehicles installed.
    any fix or reason for crash?

  • Same here, can't get it to work.

    Update: BTW the reason you crash while loading is because you have to update the update.rpf in your mods folder too..

  • @falloutjump by update, you mean just grab the new update rpf and throw it in mods? then yes, openiv has done that.

  • Yeah, it's Menyoo. It broke the game on the new update, we'll have to wait for it to be updated. Just remove it as of now

  • @falloutjump i removed it before and same problem... except that was before the new shv update. im gonna go try it.

  • @Purge_Camo tested it, menyoo was not the problem.

  • @Purge_Camo try whole script folder put out of GTA root directory to see if it's causing any script, if no, then try the same with whole mods folder

  • @Purge_Camo said in game stuck in suspending.:

    @Purge_Camo tested it, menyoo was not the problem.

    @falloutjump Read your comment, put menyoo back into my GTA folder and game fails to load take it out and game loads just fine :)

  • I removed menyoo and it loaded up but of course lspdfr crashed few minutes later for an unknown reason

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