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What is more stable way of replacing files?

  • I'm just think what of these 3 ways are more stable for the game and would like to read what y'all think :thinking:

    1. Replace model in all archives (example - when model of vehicle is in more archives) would make size of more archives bigger and bigger and we know there is a limit.

    2. Replace model only in latest archive to save space, but when the files are still in older files, they have to be used for anything or not? Or R* keep them there just to you don't need update whole old dlcpacks, so when they update any vehicle they simply add it to newest dlcpack and keep nonupdated model in your old dlcpacks? What should mean you can even delete them from old dlcpacks :thinking:

    3. Make addon folders and put all replaced models only there at the point that game load models from latest folder depend on dlclist to keep size of every archive at the vanilla and addon folders would keep under 2/2.5 GB. This would save size of archives perfectly but will make a lot new dlcpacks.

    So there is 2 main question from these 3 ways of replacing:

    1. Why are some models in more dlcpacks? It's just coz of easier update ing when R* updated any of these models?
    2. Is more stable get archives on high size (limit was around a bit over 3GB when it would never load this archive) or make a lot addon dlcpacks?

    Let me know your opinion guys, I would like to discuss about this with more people (:

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