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Cant change screenshot order

  • I try to change the order of screenshots, but it doesnt work. Why?

  • @Gta5KoRn Yeah i have that too whenever i want to upload the Screenshot in any mod page i have to upload the screenshot before deleting any of screenshots.
    (i don't know if you think it helps you)

    So the TIP is:-

    First upload a screenshot you can see in the last screenshot commonly whenever you are uploading the new screenshot and yeah do not delete any of screenshots before uploading new ones and when the screenshot upload is done then you can delete the old ones

    Second TIP

    I think this is the easiest way :D delete the old ones like 2 or 3 screenshots in the to do page i mean mod updating page and then upload the new ones like 2 or 3 Cuz they have limit in this site 18 or 15 screenshots limit

    So..... if you are thinking to change the screenshots? like dropping the last place screenshot to first place? then you don't upload any of screenshots at the same time

    So why i am telling this means i have the same problem too whenever i have to upload the new screenshots i have to do so many tips :( i hope it will helps : )

  • @Dark0ne looks like there is more then my problem.

  • @Venkey bro, that method is stupid as fuck. It was possible before to simply drug the screenshots on a place whatever i want.
    No offence to admins or moderators, but the site is turning to a piece of shit. First that fucking pop up video, now this screenshots thing. Dont know if the descriptions were fixed now? I wasnt able to save the descriptions few months ago because of some symbols non-sense. Maybe its time to ask rappo to fix the stuff?

  • @Gta5KoRn Okay I appreciate that issues in this site, don't blame this site unless you typing **** words, and I know it's everyone gets annoying with pop-ups videos, ads, and etc......

    But just try that method or try to contact moderators or admins personally

    Just suggestion


    This issue is usually caused by an adblock or a browser extension in general. Also try disabling your AV.

  • @Unknown-Modder But I don't have any of extensions in my browser even AdBlocker also and yeah I am experiencing this issues form 4months and I know I have to must report this issues in that time but I don't have much time, and now it's time to get solution from this issue :(

    EDIT: However I can still manage this issue my self in My mods Page.


    @MrGTAmodsgerman @Gta5KoRn

    Link me your uploads you're trying to change the sort order of?

    I'm home in a couple of days (noch immer im Urlaub) and can take a look after Thursday.

    Afaik I've never had any issues re arranging screenshots and have not turned off any AV or Firefox extensions.


    I, too, cannot replicate this issue.

    I need to know what browser you're using (and what version), and what extensions you are using that could mess with javascript on the site (i.e. "noscript", "adblockers" or similar "security" extensions).

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