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Game Crashing


    Bet you weren't surprised when you read that title lol.

    So I FINALLY decided to actually update my game instead of reverting back to SSASSS after every update. already regretting it.

    game crashes on the loading screen after selecting story mode, narrowed it down to be something up in the root folder as its only when i disable openiv's asiloader it works. mods folder is fine.

    running steam version, newest patch

    also seems other people are having issues with this update, any ideas good people of the forums?

  • @Reacon did you deleted dsound.dll from root folder after placing new SH?


    @ArmaniAdnr didn't have a dsound.dll file to begin with

  • @Reacon hm, that was mine problem, after that mine is crashing actually just once I enter vinewood or vinewood hills.
    EDIT: do you get any error or just close game?


    @ArmaniAdnr game just closed, managed to fix it by removing all the .asi's (eve, open all interiors etc) must've been one of them causing issues

  • @Reacon so you can write all asi that you have and I will check which I'm aswell using to help you separate which would not be that one causing crashes


    @ArmaniAdnr open all iunteriors, respawn fix(was part of gts, don't need it anymore so already deleted that), ELS, EVE, No boundary limits

  • @Reacon oopen all interiors I have, No boundary limits I have, EVE is in separate EVE folder right? I have it. And if you deleted respawn fix and still get crashes, means the problem should be ELS


    @ArmaniAdnr nah the eve.asi is in root folder

  • @Reacon oh yes sorry in folder is ini file and other files for it heh, so should be ELS anyway

  • @Reacon was it ELS or is ELS working allright at this time? :thinking:


    @ArmaniAdnr ELS was working the full time, seemed to be oai

  • @Reacon oh wow, I have disabled now oai but I tryed it at that time and was not crashing for me :O anyway thanks for info (:

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