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Question on making a 2nd copy of GTA5 on my PC

  • I’m new to all this so my question is: I bought GTA 5 disks, I loaded in my computer I can use them on FiveM no problem. So can I load the disks again and make a second copy of GTA5 on my PC so that I can load LSPDFR into it?

  • As far as my knowledge goes no unless you have an ssd or a second hard drive in your computer. Once the game is installed on your computer you can't reinstall it twice when it was installed already unless you uninstall it. When you put the disc in the dvd drive it'll open the GTA V installer but it'll only let you repair the game or uninstall it.

  • @Algonquin1234 @Shadow31240

    not sure if that is true, maybe just rename gtav.exe and gtavlauncher.exe and maybe the licence files or something.

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