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Dear modders, could you please help me by providing some info?

  • Hello all.
    Today I had a striking revelation. I found out that the main characters in story mode can cruise around in Buccaneer Custom with one hand holding the wheel while the other resting on the door. That looks amazing. I love to drive around like that myself during summer.

    Pic of proof: https://imgur.com/a/k7nD2t7

    Question. Is this some sort of a line of code that could be added to perhaps addon cars? If so, which file and how is it called? I'm in love with this type of cruising. I did notice that the character is only able to turn the wheel in a limited manner, unable to spin it fully around (of sorts). But I would still really love to add this to a few of the addon cars that I am using.

    I was disappointed to find out that this only applies to Buccaneer Custom, a car I dislike because of its atrociously low suspension (yeah yeah, I know, lowrider and all that).

    Could anyone provide info if it's possible to add this feature to addon cars?


  • @Frostelis may be this script or any similar script, he is writing in descriptions that there are added also vehicles

  • @Frostelis found one more here

  • @ArmaniAdnr Thank you! That's basically what I needed.

  • Sadly both of the script mods are buggy at this point in the current updates. For example, as Michael I activated the script inside his rental Premier car. He keeps holding one hand above the wheel and way above the resting position of the window. After exiting the car he keeps holding his hands as if he was driving single handed. Also when driving and doing a sharp turn he grabs the wheel with both hands, instead of turning the wheel with one hand. Alas, the scripts don't seem to work properly. That, or I am doing something not quite right.

    So I still need help as of this moment.

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