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Images and Depth Data

  • Hi,

    I am looking for a mod that would allow me to save the game image along with the depth data of that image. Much like can be found in this research paper.

    The paper, above, says, "To extract the depth maps, We inject a DirectX driver to the game to redirect all of the rendering commands to it. We then proceed to extract the Depth info of each frame displayed within the game and record it. This gives us the ability to capture depth frames up to 8K resolutions."

    I am not sure if this is a type of mod that would be readily available, I have not found anything yet, but perhaps my search terms are just wrong.

    If it is at all possible I would ideally like to save three sets of this data. One from the First-Person Perspective and then a set of this data from 33mm (or as close to this as the game allows) to the left and right of the central image.

    If anyone could possibly direct me to any resources on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.


    Aren't things like ReShade able to get depth information? The source for ReShade is public, so I guess you could take a look there first.

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