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Is there any way to know what specific files did the Diamond Casino update - updated?

  • Hiya all,
    ASI loader says to copy over the update.rpf and replace my modded one with it because it is "outdated". I would like to know if there is a way to find out which files need to be replaced so that the ASI loader wouldn't bug me about this stuff, because my Update.rpf is heavily modded, I mean a lot of files are changed because of mods.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Open up OpenIV and open up your latest update.rpf (1737).

    Open up a new instance of OpenIV and open your previous unmodded update.rpf (1604).

    Compare all file sizes.

    If that is too much work, I can only say that you should have kept a record of some sort when modding your rpf. Every mod I download and install, I update their readme.txt with any info I changed along the way. I also move mods I used to a separate folder from the mods I downloaded but did not use (e.g. path\to\downloaded\mods\unused VS. path\to\downloaded\mods\used). It helps me keep track of which mods I have currently installed and which ones I do not. All readmes contain which files went were and what changes if any.

    My only suggestion, so far. Maybe someone else knows a better way.

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