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ScriptHook V, ENT, other mods

  • I understand that ENT and script hook v are not at all allowed in the online game, but what if I want to play online? What would I need to play online? I've seen some people talk about how they just move the files to a different folder when they do play online. Also, what if I have multiple singleplayer mods installed, would I need to remove them too?

  • Move or rename "dinput8.dll". This will disable all mods that rely on Script Hook V (including mods that are loaded by the "mods" folder).

  • Or you can do like some others and have two copies of GTAV. One for mods and one for online. Just rename the folders so that the right one is grabbed. (example Grand Theft Auto V_Modded for modded story mode version. when named like this, services like Steam won't launch it. This way the vanilla version for online play would just be the Grand Theft Auto V folder and it'd see it when you launch the game.

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