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Game Crashing after downloading the newest update.

  • Okay...I copied over the "version.txt" file, copied over the DLClist file's two new lines into my DLC list file, then copied the newest uploaded limitless gameconfig (this site).

    The game is crashing when attempting to load storymode. I am getting desperate. I could really use some help. The only thing from scripts/mods that I am awaiting an update for is Enhanced Native Trainer. I can't see how it could be a reason for causing the crash.

    I'm stumped here.

  • This is indeed getting weird... I was able to run LSPDFR without any crashes whatsoever prior to the update. Once the update rolled in, I am experiencing some crashes (of the RPH not the game though...) And also, I did not even update the game! Just the Launcher...

    It only shows that whatever has been changed, must have been very inconspicuous. Luckily, I have a backup of an entire GTA folder so I might as well play that card if any serious trouble arises.

  • After tinkering a bit yesterday, I was able to load an autosave where all of my saved addon cars are gone (from michael's mansion garage, from his vinewood garage). I am unable to load the hard save made prior to those cars being gone. It crashes. Culprit - update.rpf, it seems. Dunno where to start with fixing that, though...I guess I should reinstall World of Variety, Gta4 pack (wondering if it's needed to be reinstalled?) Vanillaworks extension (same as 4 pack?) and that Cop Stealth/Response mod that I been using.

    Arrggghhhhh, I hate rockstar so much. They keep releasing these online updates that fuck up my single player experience every time. Back to near-square one for me again.

  • @Frostelis First of all try to get your 'mods' folder out of game root folder to see if problem is in mods or not, then do the same with 'scripts' folder.

    Next file causing problem is dsound.dll, check if you don't have it in root folder, if yes delete it.

    If nothing of this works try move out from root folder every one folder and file which is not vanilla to see if some of them is causing crashes. If not and you have problem in vanilla files (I f*****ng had this problme) I think only way is reinstal.

    If after moving any of mentioned folders or files out from root file cause that crashes stop, you have to continue to find out which one file it is. For example after moving 'mods' folder crashes stop = any mod is causing your crashes.

    So move them back to the game one by one starting with archives. Move to your mods folder onl moded archive 'x64a' try game. Still working good? move next 'x64b'. Still working good? Next. Repeat till your game start again crashing and then you will know which archive is causing crashes. With this info you can again split that archive on more part and try one by one.

    This way I found out for example that one xml file from mod RELOAD was causing my crashes after entering vinewood.

  • @ArmaniAdnr Hi!

    All of the car addons work, it's the update.rpf that is causing the crash to desktop when loading my hard save (I guess it's logical since it contains those few major mods that I had been using). I decided to replace my update.rpf with the default GTA's update.rpf (added the DLClist file updated for both my addons and the game's newest update, same with extratitles file and added the newest limitless gameconfig on top) and reinstall the mods, but I see the mods are not yet updated for the latest patch so I am hesitant of doing it.

    Don't have a dsound.dll file in the root folder.

  • @Frostelis so any of mods that you reinstalled and they contain any file placed in update.rpf may be causing this as it was in my case with RELOAD. You should have to install them one by one and every time try the game to see which one it is causing

  • @ArmaniAdnr

    I will do this, hopefully it's not World of Variety, because other mods install over it....

  • @Frostelis should not to be, I'm using it also

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