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What's your Addon DLC and Scripts using max record ?

  • This topic is just to make bit discuss about anything different that 'my game is not working after last update' :D

    I'm wondering how much Addon DLC packs and scripts are y'all records ? :thinking:

    1. Max DLC addon folders
    2. Biggest size of all DLC addon packs in GB
    3. Max different Scripts used at same time

    Let see your numbers, who own a record? :see_no_evil:

  • @ArmaniAdnr Interesting idea. I have wondered about max addon dlc with stock gameconfig. I'm at 10 right now on vanilla config, Two of the dlc folders are for grand theft space, one for my mod, and the rest cars. Still on reverted 1604 game and mods. Quite a few scripts, no record breaking number of them, but game is still rock solid.

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