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How I revert my game and keep my exact same mods without much work.

  • Not like the info isn't already out there, but it seems like some people would benefit from a step by step for the next time gta5 updates. It might not seem to make sense to some, but this is how I have reverted the last two times and still been able to play gta5 modded with zero issues. First off, it might be careless, but I do nothing real special, I don't touch my mods folder or scripts folder or anything in the root folder. I do backup my update.rpf just in case, but I haven't needed it the past two times I reverted. I just drag and drop it on my desktop. ** I never copy over the new update.rpf to my mods folder, just ignore that message up top in OpenIV. ** I never update ScriptHookV to the new version until I actually update the game for good. I have gta5 through steam, this is for that, so don't ask here about the disk version or social club, I don't know.

    I start gta5 Vanilla and let it update, just rename dinput8.dll to 1dinput8.dll for this. If you don't do this, ScriptHookV will pop up a message and tell you to update it and won't let gta5 launch. Once finished updating, go Here and follow the steps to download the files to revert the game. Once the revert files are downloaded, I select them all and drag and drop into OpenIV, I did not just drag and drop the two .exes like described in that link since it takes not much longer to just drop it all in there. I then rename dinput8.dll.

    That's all I do. My game is reverted to 1604.1, and my mods folder had no clue the game even updated, and the old version of scripthookV keeps on keepin on like nothing happened. No moving things around, no backing up everything, no reinstalling mods, no keeping track of stuff, just simply revert the vanilla game.

    I usually wait awhile before I update gta5 again and everything else just in case there are issues. It's nice finding stability in your modded game and I keep that as long as I can.

    This is also how I re-revert my game if something happens and I have to verify my files through steam.

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