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should i just copy the extra patchdays to my mods folder?

  • i noticed yesterday that cars wouldn't install, so i went looking around and were i used to only have up to patchday9 in the dlcpacks folder it now goes up to 21 or something and a shitload other folders.
    should i copy all those new ones over to my mods folder or just the entire folder including the older patchdays?
    i don't want to do the last one because i think i would lose all my car mods, maybe just skip patchday9 where they are located?

  • @welkominspace just copy and paste all the folders but don’t replace anything, that way you’ll keep your cars etc and also get all the new folders

  • @Reacon
    yeah, that's what i did.
    the old car mods stay in nr 9 and the new ones go in 21, works fine now

    except add-on cars are a little fucky, some will work but only in the original folder (instead of mod folder) and some used to work but don't anymore.
    i guess that could be because of the newest rage?

  • @welkominspace honestly no idea tbh man

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