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[VEHICLE] 2020 Toyota Supra Mk.V

  • The car community was hyped for about 20 years to see the car make a comeback but when it finally did... well it didn't get its mod for GTA V. Instead, we got its BMW twin twice :'(

    Please, godly modders, put this car in the game.

  • The reason you got the BMW twice is because that car was released in Forza Horizon 4.
    The Supra has yet to make an appearance in a game, and thus a slimmer chance of getting released on this site.

  • @DrTakumi maybe coz they scked so much in remaking legend :shrug_tone3: :cry:

  • Touge has one but he made it for his fivem server and he's going to start WW3 if he public shares it. Forza will add it soon maybe?

  • @DrTakumi I have seen Supra 2020 in some people. here is a link to one https://m.facebook.com/PRZEMO.cars.showcase.in.virtual/

    p.s. he can sell a model

  • @Fedoraleks22 damn more than half of the cars on that page are private/paid mod, how did he get so many unreleased cars?

  • @Willy41007 there half patreon other he did it himself.
    He offered me to buy mod prado 2019 for 7 euros.

  • I have a Toyota Supra 2019 hum3d Model

  • Guys c'mon what's taking so long 🤔🤔,

  • Second this request. I know two people who converted this car to Gta V but one wishes to keep his identity private as well as his mods, and the other is Just_Rik0 that some of you may know here. (These two made good ones, idk if there's some crappy 1s around)
    Riko made a beautiful Supra and a FT-1 Concept, both of which look really good and I'm dying to get them, but it doesn't seem like it's happening any soon.
    A friend of mine recently talked to him and he said that some prick from this site here tried to rip him off/get him in trouble for accepting money for his mods (which are, of course, just like most other car mods, ripped from other games) so he stopped selling anything and may or may not release his current creations in the future, but it's not planned.

    P.S. Gran Turismo Sport has a nice 2020 Supra as well as the Gazoo Racing Concept version of it, and an FT-1 Concept we could get. Car Mechanic Simulator also has a regular 2020 Supra afaik.

    @tk0wnz You're one of the best creators I know, I'm sure many of us would happily buy these off you, myself included. :P

  • @gtajustice Thanks man, but I only do cars from games with LODs. I have not seen any model yet from a game (not sure about the games you mentioned, I only know of gamemodels.ru and they are not on there unfortunately).

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