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mods folder

  • I know a lot of people here use mod mod folder. My problem is during the story, some missions just dont work right, something is stuck or stranger ped is missing or some other crap. Also clothing stores with suits and stuff are not working (cashier is not there and its locked). Its so weird and annoying. I ve been using mods folder for most of the time. There were some problems I could but not this big. Anyone had similar issues? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @libertz
    remove the mod folder during missions?
    or use an different copy of gta v for story mode.

  • @libertz it's due any of your mods. had this problem before. Now I take care what I'm replacing and testing story mods after few mods every time. Especially when you replace any file used in mission, it may not work anymore if you replace it not 100% right. For example I think also real names for everything is causing not working story coz in global file are many thins as dialogs sentences but mod replace it with file where are only names of everything and you will miss dialogs. So I just replaced every line which needed to be replaced, not whole file. For example.

  • @libertz It's common to expect that mods can and will break the story mode.

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