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add-on cars won't spawn "invalid model"

  • When i download cars they won't spawn, the game says "invalid model".
    some of them i had working once, which is the weird part.

    tl;dr- go fuck yourself lazy bitch!

  • i have the same problem i have write the dlclist and the other files or the addon not working please do you have the solution (my game is orignal game with last update)

  • @TheVinch
    it seems to be a very common problem but i searched like a full week for a solution, coudn't find one so far.

    you could try a new gameconfig (just search in the site, there are plenty) but that didn't work for me

  • @TheVinch
    btw, one way,not advised perse, is to intead install in the gtav folder instead of the mods folder, although that only worked once for me i think and you'll lose the cars every update.

    however, if you just wanna test a car quick you should be fine.

    however though, don't fuck with the gtav folder unless you're sure what you are doing

  • holy shit, my brain just started working!

    @TheVinch does your mod folder have the x64 in it? mine doesn't and i've been to lazy to do anything about it(no need for going in there much) but maybe that's the problem?

    can anyone confirm if this could be the case?

  • hi @welkominspace i have already test the gameconfig don't work and yes i have the X64 folder inside with my add on exacly the same in version 1.46 just now it's don't working.

  • @TheVinch
    if you have 45 minutes to spare watch this and tell me where you fucked up(good chance i fucked up the same)

    otherwise, you'll have to wait till i watched it and checked where i went wrong.

    shoutout to benzo, his video's are very clear and no bullshit

  • and for no fucking reason at all it is working again.

  • for me don't work.....

  • @TheVinch
    don't ask me why or how, i woke up and thought lets give it another shot and i installed a bike i think and suddenly even the ones i already had installed worked out of nowere

  • have same problem too at first i only install 3 cars and they spawn just fine but after that i just installed a bunch(BTW i also installed single player garage)and load up the game and suddenly all my model were invalid

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