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Help Needed! Can't get any trainer to load.

  • I've modded in the past and was able to get trainers to load. Finally came back to PC GTA and attempted to get back into it. I installed the Scipthook and dinput8 into the Directory folder as well as the Trainer. Loading into story mode and I can't get any of the menus to load. Any help is much appreciated! Gta wont win this fight.

  • I'm running Gta Version 1.0.1737.0.
    Update: I switched trying to run Menyoo, i made a mods folder and put the menyoostuff folder in there, Left the asi in the directory along with the scripthook. and dinput. I can no longer get Gta to launch and wants to give into safety mode?

  • menyooStuff is supposed to be placed in the GTA V root folder.
    Menyoo v1.0.1 is still waiting for an update for GTA version 1.0.1737.0 but you can use this "customized" one till mafins updates Menyoo.

  • @tgz ""customized"" sounds ominous. Did you compile from the git repo, or make your own changes?

  • @Jitnaught "customized" may indeed sound ominous. It is compiled from source at time when the commit b4cb3c5
    wasn't merged.

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