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gameconfig help

  • Just getting into the modding, but have a question regarding the gameconfig file, ive seen different files such as Gameconfig (1.0.1604.0) for Limitless Vehicles or Gameconfig for Patch 1.0.1365.1 (Add-On Crash Fix) etc, I'm just wondering do u need to install all theses file in one file or add each file and change the name, because ive got the DILAPIDATED-REALISM DISPATCH ENHANCED 4.0 Gameconfig but i also need the Add-On Crash Fix and prolly others so i dunno what to do?

  • Did I get it right that you are trying to install multiple modifications to the gameconfig?
    Just choose one gameconfig modification which matches your actual installed game version and you're good to go.

    I didn't compare the content of the different gameconfig modifications but I can imagine that they are very similar to each other which some minor differences, so just try which one works in your case.

  • @tgz you need gameconfig for latest game version, everztime there is bigger update, gameconfig have to be updated too. There is just one gameconfig in the game and zou need just one which have changed valuables to lets say turn off some game limits. Use this one over year have still new updates and work perfect

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