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Bright signs and store front lights at night.

  • Hi Guys,

    I have an issue where by store front lights and signs at bus stops and petrol stations etc...are too bright at night. I remember a few months ago (and I just reinstalled all my GTA mods again) where I started using Natural Vision Remastered's brighter emergency lights which would cause severe brightness in the above areas during night time play, to the point where you could not see text/pictures etc... I currently don't have brighter emergency lights installed due to this but I seem to suffer from bright signs and store fronts to a lesser extent. By that I meant things look a little too bright but I can see pictures and text. Are there any tweaks I can apply to reduce brightness? My brightness level is about 50% in game as it is intended to be. Using ENB v0.275

    Below, I have listed the mods I use which should all be up to date. It's a little difficult to drop comments on the mods page because I don't know if that mod is the cause of the issue but I expect Natural Vision Remastered is the problem or maybe a combination of that mod and another. Also, comments aren't actively being dealt with :( so I'll leave this here for more exposure.

    NVR + optional files such as trash modifier + brighter nights
    Visual V
    Lively World
    Community Script Hook
    LA Billboards
    LA Roads + Patch
    LA Vegetation
    Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

    Any help would be great. Sorry if this has been asked a million times.

  • @tuff253 you have to try to play with all 'light' options in ENB to find which one is too high for you

  • @ArmaniAdnr Ok thanks. I can take a look at the ENB ini file but I'd be venturing into noob city as I don't know which ones are which etc...

    Thanks for the reply

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