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Vanilla carvariations and all cars spawning in black

  • I believe this is a bug in the vanilla version of the game where most cars spawn in black (about 90%, others are red, white or blue). I've been looking around and some people have mentioned this behaviour over the years, but haven't found any solution. I decided to get into the files and see if I could make a little "fix" mod, or at least tweak some values.

    As I understand it, carvariations has various Item nodes for each model that define possible colors when spawning a vehicle, and the game chooses one randomly. It seems that it's only choosing the first one, which is black for most vehicles and red, white or blue for a selected few. I changed all that were black (a value of 0) to yellow (a value of 42) and then most cars spawned in yellow.

    I've also looked into how vehicles.meta works, but messing around with the spawning limits hasn't had any effect. Is there a way to get the game to choose a random color when spawning a car?

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