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WORKING mp casino in sp

  • Before someone says the obvious "it works in sp you have to enable mp maps" NO IT DOESN'T that spawns in the interior but not all the ambient events and textures for the machines.

    So with that is there anyone who would be able to activate those for us to use in singleplayer?

  • Its not as simple as "Activate", it has to be scripted from scratch, now imagine why the casino dlc took so long, its because they had to code everything

  • First, try reading the Stickied Post in this section and edit the formatting to help with getting assistance.

    Secondly as @HeySlickThatsMe stated, it's not some trivial matter to make work. The casino is a hell of a lot more complex than the nightclub (that jedijosh920 got working somwhat ), or some of what HKH191 has been able to put together with their various working business mods. If some aspects can be made to work, they might be able to as they're both extremely talented, but it's not some toggle switch to automagically make it work in SP in a few seconds. It takes multiple hours a day for multiple days to go through the lines of code and find the lines and variables you need to pull so it will actually work.

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