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Who is Going to Update Menyoo since Muffins Quit?

  • Who is going to update Menyoo?

  • @House-Rushton Muffins?!?! It's Mafins. Since it's his mod, only he can update it unless he wants to pass the torch to someone else to keep updating it. You can't just start updating someone else's mod because they quit. If it comes down to it, you'll just have to quit using it.

  • MAFINS is the only one allowed to update the mod page. The mod itself is open-source, so anybody can update it.

  • @Jitnaught That's good to know. What about leaving a link in a post to a customized version of Menyoo?

  • @chonkie you should delete your comments. He's made it open to the community since he got cold feet when T2 threatened to sue him for modding online - now that she cant sell his Menyoo Trainer Online he said he cant be fucked with since they keep updating the game and he's too lazy to do anything about it. Theres no $$$$ incentive anymore so he's made it open source for others to update.

    Please dont comment again though I thought I had a legit reply but you just wasted my time.

  • Apologies for being wrong and wasting your time. Not my intent, i just figured you were antsy for someone to update it and upload it. I honestly thought it was his and only his to update. I thought that's how it worked based on what I've read. I do appreciate the info on what is actually happening with Mafins and Menyoo. I don't use it so was obviously unaware it being open source. I'm also so new to this, I had no idea about the whole thing with menyoo and t2.

  • @chonkie As long as it follows the GPL3 license I guess it is alright.

  • @NpK-Studios I feel so sketched out installing that
    Where'd you get it from?
    Thanks for the link though

  • @House-Rushton i saw on his github page that he updated it before 14 hours

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