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  • How I make a ymap is I have to made xml like menyoo spooner stuff then convert it to ymap or there is another way to create it directly because sometimes when I convert xml to ymap some things were missing, things which r sloped like road got horizontalized any suggestion for ymap.

  • @Torreto612 Of course :D you can make YMAP directly without converting XML to YMAP but before staring to make a YMAP directly you need to download Codewalker then....... i think you need to learn tutorials about how to use CODEWALKER

    And second way.......

    Simple : ) make a .xml file with Menyoo and so many

    and need to convert via CODEWALKER But you said that

    sometimes when I convert xml to ymap some things were missing
    Of course maybe you need to enable some flags in the CODEWALKER when you are going to convert xml to ---> ymaps and you need to enable like distant-lights or something and etc...............
    But there is available another tool also something we can call that tool i just forgot that tool name which will convert XMLs to YMAP but it's not recommended or i think so... :thinking:

  • @Torreto612 Have to give a second vote for learning to use CodeWalker.

  • @chonkie Vote? for who? or for you? what do you mean? Vote is doesn't meant to learn about how to use Codewalker.

  • @Venkey Sorry about how I worded that. I agree with the learning to use CodeWalker suggestion you gave.

  • @chonkie Well then....... help out to that guy to how to make Ymaps and XMLs and how to convert xmls to Ymaps and if you again mention that vote then.. it doesn't make sense.......

    Just wondering why you mentioned "Have to give a second vote for learning to use CodeWalker" ???

  • @Venkey It was just a saying. I was basically saying I agree, or that learning CodeWalker gets my vote, or my stamp of approval, or I second that notion. Like for example, towards the end of the day at work, someone usually asks if it's time to go, and I'll say, "That gets my vote." It comes down to differences in the way people speak and the terms they use.

  • @Venkey Is codewalker and menyoo spooner works parallel because My garage and room door(mod) not works continuously when I make it dynamic either it is fallen down in water or freeze. It operates only one time when make it dynamic so I have to put garage door from codewalker and rest of the thing make in spooner, is it possible?
    Thanks for telling me

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